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Budgeting Is Painful

You are tired of struggling to budget and  still having nothing to show for it at the end of the month.  No matter how much time you put into setting up your plan, unexpected, forgotten expenses lurk.  Somewhere in the wee hours, they pounce, knocking your accounts into the red.  

The next morning you're scrambling to cover the basics.  And now you have outrageous overdraft fees to pay on top of everything else.  It's always the same, another paycheck, another panic.  You start staring at the clock, too worried to sleep.

Sound familiar?  

You're not alone.

Getting Started Questions

All over the internet, people keep asking the same questions:

  • I'm a beginner.  How do I get started with my budget?
  • What categories should I use to set up when the defaults don't match my situation?
  • How do I prioritize the categories, so the most important things get paid first?
  • What am I missing? How do I know I'm covered every month?

Story after story goes on to explain how one forgotten bill caused a trainwreck that derailed the entire month.  It doesn't take long until the whole budget fails, and you are back to square one.

Willpower, the Internet Replies

Every budgeting method says, "Sacrifice more. Keep going. It will get better." At some point, you run out of things to sacrifice and begin to rebel against the system.

It's not your fault.  Every system sets you up for failure, then blames the crash on a lack of willpower.   Actually, according to neuroscience, it's our hardwired brains.  

Willpower only works when there's no temptation.  

Studies have shown that the great chess masters only see winning moves.  They filter out and discard less optimal strategies, below the level of consciousness.  Similarly, studies have shown that people with great willpower avoid temptation automatically.  They don't even see it.

Instead of another lecture full of blame, shame, and willpower, you could use some support in getting back on your feet right about now.

AND ...

It shouldn't waste more of your money or take up more of your precious time.

The Flip Side of  Budgeting Fails

Forgotten expenses are one reason why existing budgets fail.  The failure to  start budgeting is another.  

Default budgeting categories will never match your exact situation. But it's daunting to create your own from scratch.  It's so hard to know where to get started.  How do you know when you have enough categories?

There are hundreds of "ultimate guides" to budgeting categories scattered across the blogosphere.  Each promises to explain each entry and how the blogger implements them.

Most fulfill their promise in explicit, painful detail.  

It is intimidating.  Every blogger has a different take.  None of them fit your unique situation.  You don't have time to read and cross-reference every blog to ensure you're covered.  You shouldn't have to.

I've already done all that work for you.

Start Small and Grow Strong

Hi there! I'm a mission to reach over a million families and help them spend their lives better.  It's a gigantic dream.  Almost enough to stop me in my tracks.

I'm sure you've tried other budgeting methods, just like I've attempted the Silicon Valley "growth hacks."  It sounds exciting!  Almost magical.

If I had the money,  I suppose I could still pull together a Superbowl Ad for a massive launch.  If you have the money, you could spend $3,000 (or more) and take all your shoebox receipts to a qualified, fee-based financial advisor in January.  This New Year, we could commit to making all the "big" changes to reach our goals.

And at the end of the year, we'd be right back here – on this side of our dreams deflated and depleted.

  • The financial advice/venture capital didn't help day-to-day.  
  • We ended up with bland, cookie-cutter advice that didn't fit our needs.
  • The willpower wore off.  
  • There were just too many surprises.

Not only do I lack the money and time to launch a big ad on Superbowl Sunday, but I am also missing the motivation.  Sure, a stunt like that would reach millions; but would it help those families?  I don't think I could keep up alone.  Everyone would end up disappointed and frustrated.

So, I 'm started with my family and am reaching out to you – one family at a time.  Everything that works for us,  I create the tools and automate.  

As a community, we will reach out to other families and help them.  And because it's automated, because we support each other every day, because it's so personalized for us, we  will grow strong.  Together.

Your budgeting categories are just one small step in your financial journey.

Reach Your Dreams on Autopilot

Imagine sleeping soundly through the night, knowing that your money is working for you through the night.  You can breathe easy.  Your worry and shame have melted away.  

You wake up refreshed, ready to face the day.

Your finances are completely boring.  In five minutes, you make all the small adjustments for your day and focus the rest of your time on what matters to you most.

Spend your life better with Nomismate, confident that you are on the right path to achieving your financial dreams.  

Bridge the gap between stumbling beginner to  financial pro fast with the power of our resources  education, and our custom tools.  The truth is that it's never been about the tools.  It has always been about you, more relaxed, more fulfilled  --actually happy.  Imagine enjoying your life and  your money.  

Start your plan, confident that you'll remember every expense.  

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