Looking for some extra spending money for next month?  Wondering how much you should be saving? Despite a good income, you never have any money left over?  Or maybe you are stretched to your last cent, and need to get some reserves for emergencies.  

You need to start a cash cache.  It's a small stash of cash, to tide you over, start you dreaming, get you through.

See the video below for an opportunity to download a free worksheet.

Here's my no fail way to jumpstart your cache.

  1. Grab a mason jar, a  jam jar, a coffee mug, or even an odd (washed) sock.
  2. Insert $2.50 into your cache container.
  3. Repeat every day for the next 30 days.

I put this jar on the dinner table.  Every night, just after dinner, one of the adults whips out the cash and one of the kids puts it in the nom noms cache (it's a cookie jar).

Feel free to dream about how you want to spend that money.  Talk about it with everyone in your family.  Make plans together.

Do you feel 30 days is too long to wait?  

Add a multiplier and up your ante.  Just make it an amount you can stick to every day, sustainable.  You may choose 2X, 4X, or even 10X (my family is currently at 4X).  

If you're saving with a mulitplier, you may choose to deposit your money into your savings once a week or even every couple of days.

Some days your muliplier may be 0x.  That's ok.  Sometimes you may have  extra cash you choose to cache.  That's fine too.

At the end of 30 days,  see how much money is in your cache.  

It's that easy.  

This little experiment will give you so much knowledge about yourself and your situation.  

  • Did you meet your commitment?  How, day-by-day or here-and-there?
  • Were you able to discuss money with your family?  How did they respond?  
  • Was it easy?  Was it hard?  
  • Did you forget?  Did you track it on a calendar?  
  • Do you want to spend the money now, or save more for later?  Did you already spend the money on emergencies in the middle of your cycle.